Registered Purebred Breeding Stock
Punta Gorda, Florida
Flock ID: FKS      Scrapie# FL 

About Us

Located in South West Florida our farm is a 10 acre operation dedicated to raising Purebred Katahdins.  
Established with lambs from one of the top breeders in Florida.  Our focus is to only produce for sale the highest quality animals. Currently we are only Lambing once per year in February and March.

Our farm is also a member of the Large Black Hog Association and we are committed to registered breeding of this great animal and providing our clients with the finest breeding and eating pork in Florida.  Our breeding program includes a Defender Boar, Two Charlotte,  a Daisy and Warbor Sow.  Feeder pigs are sold at 8-10wks of age and we are limiting our production to six combined litters per year.  All male piglets are cut at one week of age unless reserved and only the strongest and best males are selected for breeding.  We do not encourage the sale of inferior breeding stock, eat the weak and breed the strong

About the BreedOriginating from Chinese breeds brought over to England, this critically rare breed is bred for taste and hardiness.Due to the breed’s short muscle fibers, the lean, micro-marbled meat is extra tender and moist, and has a distinct Old World flavor.

None of our animals are given hormones, our animals are raised on pasture and supplemented with custom blended grains and minerals to ensure strong health and great tasting meat. 

Contact Us:
Phone 239-849-2196